Instax Mini - A-Kon 26

A-Kon 26

A-Kon is a convention staple for Texans -- one of the biggest anime conventions in the country, it attracts people from all across the country. For the last 3 years, A-Kon has taken place at the Hilton Anatole, a large, beautiful hotel (with the added perk of being immediately next to Medieval Times). (See also: A-Kon 2013 and A-Kon 2014). This year's A-Kon, I only heard good things: Registration went quicker than ever, the food truck selection multiplied, and lines were handled well. Kudos … [Read More...]


Off to San Diego Comic Con! Resources for the Comic Book Babe (2015)

Photo | Cosplayer San Diego Comic Con is less than a week away! This time next week, thousands of nerds will be gathered in San Diego to celebrate whatever makes them geeky. I can't wait to be there! With the con so soon, I thought I'd share some resources to help you make it the best experience ever! Some of these are specific to SDCC, while some are more general convention tips, so be sure to poke through even if you aren't going to SDCC (this year!). Psst -- sometimes the best … [Read More...]

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The #BrandOfYou: Personal Branding and the Job Hunt

Let’s talk about something tough: job hunting. This isn’t typically what I talk about here, but when I heard about this opportunity from Fifth Third Bank, I had to share it. This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are my own. As you may know, I’m a recent MBA graduate. After 17 straight years of school, I was happy to be done! Even after the challenge of actually obtaining the degree, though, comes the difficulty of the job hunt. I’ll level with you all – job hunting is hard. Colleges … [Read More...]

writing uniform

My Writing Uniform

What a transition this last month has been! My day-to-day routine has shifted significantly from being a grad student. Now, I work from home most of the time with phone, video, and in-person meetings scattered throughout the week. I don't have to dress up to work from home, but staying in pajamas all day isn't conductive to productivity! Plus, I like to be prepared for any errands I may run or spontaneous get togethers. I've settled into a simple uniform that is easy, comfortable, and … [Read More...]


Sell Your Old Games Fast with Trade4Cash

We're Marie Kondo-ing our house. I've always been a little bit of a hoarder and it's made it difficult to stay organized. What if I need that book I read in middle school one day? I have to keep all my clothes in case I want to wear them! I really enjoyed that video game, I can't get rid of it now. A friend of mine recommended Marie Kondo's book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, where Kondo recommends a simple method: if it doesn't spark joy in you, it doesn't have a place in your life … [Read More...]