Isabelle (Shizue) Cosplay Makeup Transformation

If you love Animal Crossing as much I do, you probably adore the mayor's loyal companion, Isabelle. Isabelle helps your character through the game, and truly, without her, we'd all be lost as mayors. I have yet to blog about San Japan or my Isabelle costume, but I uploaded a mini makeup tutorial for Isabelle in the meantime! I tried a few new things with this costume -- bottom lashes, droopier eyeliner, and fake freckles. All the products I used are listed in the description of the … [Read More...]


Life According to Instagram

It's been a whirlwind the last few months! Between graduating and transitioning to full-time work, starting new projects (Fake Goth Girls, Superheroesque, and my YouTube channel), and conventions, it feels like I've barely had a moment to breathe. Things are finally settling down, and I'm so ready to come back to blogging on a regular basis! Here's what the past few months have looked like for me. 1. I've rediscovered my love for secondhand stores lately! I got all three of these boots from … [Read More...]


August Activities

Participate in a community collaboration/project. Sometimes hobbies can feel lonely and isolating instead of energizing and inspiring. An easy fix? Work with someone in the community on something cool! Some suggestions: Participate in the Superheroesque monthly prompt, join Five Fandom Fridays, work on a cosplay group, or come up with something totally new! Join a book club. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, but I always have a hard time fitting it in my day. Kristin's NovelTea Book … [Read More...]

Instax Mini - A-Kon 26

A-Kon 26

A-Kon is a convention staple for Texans -- one of the biggest anime conventions in the country, it attracts people from all across the country. For the last 3 years, A-Kon has taken place at the Hilton Anatole, a large, beautiful hotel (with the added perk of being immediately next to Medieval Times). (See also: A-Kon 2013 and A-Kon 2014). This year's A-Kon, I only heard good things: Registration went quicker than ever, the food truck selection multiplied, and lines were handled well. Kudos … [Read More...]


Off to San Diego Comic Con! Resources for the Comic Book Babe (2015)

Photo | Cosplayer San Diego Comic Con is less than a week away! This time next week, thousands of nerds will be gathered in San Diego to celebrate whatever makes them geeky. I can't wait to be there! With the con so soon, I thought I'd share some resources to help you make it the best experience ever! Some of these are specific to SDCC, while some are more general convention tips, so be sure to poke through even if you aren't going to SDCC (this year!). Psst -- sometimes the best … [Read More...]